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Mardel Coppersafe 1 Gallon

Quick Overview

  • Coppersafe® solution remains active for over one month in the aquarium. 

  • Be sure to add Coppersafe® solution to replacement water when water changes are made. This will maintain the therapeutic level of Coppersafe® solution.

  • Because Coppersafe® solution is so stable in water, partial water changes are the quickest way to remove it from the water.

  • The unique formulation of Coppersafe® solution maintains a total copper level of 1.5 ppm to 2.0 ppm when used as directed. 

Mardel  Coppersafe 1 Gallon
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Chelated Copper Treatment for the Infections of:

  • Ich
  • Flukes (Gyrodactylus)
  • Anchor worms
  • Velvet/Protozoan diseases
  • other external parasites.

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